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Taken 3 drops its First Trailer

Taken 3 drops its First Trailer

It took them 3 whole movies, but the bad Eastern European sex traders finally actually killed someone important to Bryan. So you know what that means. Liam Neeson is back, and this time IT ENDS HERE! Whether bad guy relatives are still seeking revenge or not is not really explained in the trailer, but they did kill his ex-wife and manage to frame him. Forrest Whitaker plays the CIA agent who “has…

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Word. #Siri #wisdom…. 😄

Word. #Siri #wisdom…. 😄

The Latest Trailer for “Big Hero 6”

The Latest Trailer for “Big Hero 6″

Disney is making a mint mining Marvel’s vault. Comic enthusiast might recognize the name “Big Hero 6″ from Marvel Comics but Disney has decided to play it fast and loose with the original concept and adapt it into an CGI animated kids movie. It looks like fun, it hits theaters November 7th.

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New Music: Rome - “One Wine”

New Music: Rome – “One Wine”

It’s creeping up on that time again and “the thirst” is starting to come out, so it’s only fitting that the “Lick ah” himself request his wine early. He in’t trying to take ya home, he just wha a wine.

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Kendrick Lamar Freestyle with La Leakers

Kendrick spits a freestyle with the La Leakers while they beat box and substitute drums with the table on power 106.

Mark Hardy x Yung Rudd feat. Kevon Carter - The Beach

Mark Hardy x Yung Rudd feat. Kevon Carter – The Beach

Marky Hardy and Yung Rudd continue to push the “Trapso” Movement this time drafting in singer Kevon Carter for the hook.  Xplicit continues to lay the sound, check it out.

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New Music: Ab Soul - W.W.S.D

New Music: Ab Soul – W.W.S.D

Ab Soul jumps on some type of Bob Dylan track and spits a few bars. It’s kind of grating, bars are cool though.

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Kendrick Lamar releases “i”

Kendrick Lamar releases “i”

Kendrick Lamar blesses the world with some new original solo music. “i” has everything fans love about a Kendrick and even recalls some early outkast influence in the rock tinged message.

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Kanye West Spazzing Out Supercut

Kanye West Spazzing Out Supercut

Some people love it, some people hate it. Either way Kanye West is going to say whatever the hell he feels like. His rants can be blood crawling and enthralling at the same damn time. Here’s a couple highlights via a compilation put together by The Boombox.

(the boombox)

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Movie Review: The Equalizer

Movie Review: The Equalizer

the equalizer

2.5 out of 4 stars

The Equalizer is not new territory for A-list actor Denzel Washington. Anyone familiar with his huge catalogue of movies knows that he is just as apt playing the action man as he is playing any dramatic role you throw at him. Movies like “Man on Fire” or even the more recent and random “2 Guns” prove that Denzel can point, shoot, kick and punch with as much star power as Mark…

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